Welcome to Louisville Biker. We connect you to the Louisville motorcycle community through service and technology. Get involved and get rolling down the Louisville roads with us.

We hope this website helps Bikers in and around the Louisville area stay updated on local runs, biker nights and area events. We hope others will join us and together we can unite and share stories, photos and information about the motorcycle lifestyle in the greatest biker city in the world. Louisville Kentucky.

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  2. Hello I ride a custom 08 Victory Jackpot. Just found this page and thought it was cool.

  3. Angela frome vages

    To all who ride in the wind thear is a 15year old girl missing and may be in the louisvill area her name is Haley and she is pointed on the national missing children network she could be in some real danger so let’s bring this girl home be safe and keep the rubber down thanks consern grandmaw frome vages

  4. I’m counting down the days, ready to ride my 2 wheeler

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