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Red Light Law

How many times have you sat on your motorcycle at a stoplight that cycles over and over without giving you a green light? It’s a common occurrence for motorcycle riders in Louisville. The stoplight sensors in the street just don’t “see” motorcycles. A new law is coming to Kentucky on July 15, 2015, HB 370…


Louisville Biker Makes Snow Tires

We have temperatures in the teens and a foot of snow in some parts of Louisville today. So how is one Louisville Biker spending his time? Brad Wood is making himself a set of custom snow tires for his scooter and plans to take it out for a spin tomorrow. He designed them with dozens…


Watch For Motorcycles Signs

Allstate Insurance is putting up four signs that say.. ‘watch for motorcycles’. The reason according to Larry Hatzell, who is an Allstate Agent said. “Just to keep the drivers aware that motorcycles are out there, and to watch out to keep the riders riding.” It’s a good thing to inform Louisville drivers to watch out…



    If you are planning on going to sturgis but dont want to drive we offer one way and round trip shipping.
    Limited spots available!
    to reserve a spot or ask for additional information please call:
    Nick Saylor: (614) 395-1008
    Jim Walser: (502) 296-6438

    type of motorcycle bike cost (roundtrip) fuel cost mileage(roundtrip) deposit total
    sport $700.00 Included 2,478 $200.00 $900.00
    cruiser $750.00 Included 2,478 $200.00 $950.00
    touring $850.00 Included 2,478 $200.00 $1,050.00
    trike $900.00 Included 2,478 $200.00 $1,100.00

    type of motorcycle bike cost (one way) fuel cost mileage (one way) deposit total
    sport $500.00 Included 1,239 $200.00 $700.00
    cruiser $550.00 Included 1,239 $200.00 $750.00
    touring $650.00 Included 1,239 $200.00 $850.00
    trike $700.00 Included 1,239 $200.00 $900.00

    Bikes will be transported on roll-back truck without covering. $200 deposit will be refunded once bike reaches final destination with no damage to bike or truck.

  2. Hi. I am looking for someone that could help get a Goldwing motorcycle up and running. My friend that has Cancer would like to his up and running. When he brought he didn’t know there was a wiring problem. It’s been sitting for 3 years. With said with the operation he will have they only give him 3+ years. I would like to get it up and running so that when he gets better he could have a few rides, for enjoyment. Thanks

  3. I read why you started this site and how true, I just moved here from TX and I can’t find any rides, events or other bike gatherings. Is it a secret that I don’t know about? Every place I’ve been, have benefits ( Poker Runs) to raise money, are there no charities or reasons to have Biker gatherings in Louisville. I did go to 1 Bike night at King Fish and saw a parking lot full of bikes, what else is there in Louisville? Or like you said do I need to you to a bike shop to find fliers.

  4. To all who ride in the wind thear is a 15year old girl missing and may be in the louisvill area her name is Haley and she is pointed on the national missing children network she could be in some real danger so let’s bring this girl home be safe and keep the rubber down thanks consern grandmaw frome vages

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